We disagree with the saying: “Everything was better in the old days”. Look at us, as a company: we have become better, we can do more, we have acquired new knowledge and learned new skills.

And then there is the inevitable “but”: but if you see how beautifully the concrete structures were designed in the sixties, you can be nothing short of full of awe.

Those boys sure could make a beautiful designs back then. (That girls have embraced the profession since then is progress in its own right!). The (old) structures were even left in plain view.

I am convinced that everything you build is better if you can see how it was built. Like the enormous spans that were built from concrete in those days.

If you now want to create the same beauty in new buildings, you need different skills. Especially the skill to cooperate.


Total engineering or DBFMO projects can only be gotten and built successfully through cooperation with other parties. Logically, maybe, but still: if anything is better than the old days, it would be the skill of professionals in our business to create beautiful buildings together.

Martin Durian