complex high-rise buildings

We specialise in complex high-rise buildings and have done so for the past 30 years. High-rise in the Netherlands is potentially complex. The densely built inner cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam have relative slim high-rise buildings. Slim towers, strong winds and soil saturated with water require ingenious structures. We have the specialist expertise to design them. That makes us unique, even beyond the Dutch border. In foreign metropolitan areas with similar circumstances like Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul, we are equally well able to deliver.

We work both stand alone for our own clients, as with fixed partners on Total Engineering commissions and with consortia on DBFMO PPS projects.


We design the main volume of our orders directly for our clients. This certainly applies to the main part of the smaller and medium orders, from design, calculations and drawings to intensive supervision of building projects. We enjoy and benefit from visiting the building sites. The building construction always provides new insights for future projects.


Total Engineering starts with a conceptual design which is consequently checked for feasibility. The design is made with a team that, besides our own specialists, consists of an architect, a building physics consultant and a consultant for building services. The result is an optimally integrated economical design meeting the requirements.


A large part of the risk concerning complex projects lies with the construction. We analyse the risks, make them controllable and with that make the projects feasible. One of our goals is to minimise the costs for the construction below the average of 25%.


We develop technical alternatives to build a project faster, more economical and in the best possible way. That is one on the reasons we proposed a steel structure instead of a concrete structure for the European Patent Office. This solution was the main reason the consortium acquired the commission.