Zonneveld wins Antea Award


In view of the location Rotterdam (“the Castle”), the Rotterdam presenter (Jules Deelder) it was obvious: one of the Antea-participators in Rotterdam would be the winner of the Antea Award for best entrepreneur of 2016.

This year, the highly sought-after award was won by Frans van der Linde and Jan van der Windt of Zonneveld ingenieurs in Rotterdam.

Some quotes from the report of the jury, which was read by Deelder in his unsurpassable style: “Although other Antea-participators are also doing very well, the achievements of Zonneveld are beyond comparison. …… They have managed to build Zonneveld into a prominente player in engineering in the high-rise scene in The Netherlands .….. Frans and Jan have managed to add a new specialty since 9/11: terrorism – and earthquake resistant building ….. In 2016 Zonneveld developed well: the work inventory reached an “all-time high” at the end of 2016.

The management considers this award as an acknowledgement of its entrepreneurship.