Harm Hoorn en Martin Durian

New management for Zonneveld ingenieurs

Zonneveld ingenieurs has a new management per 9 June 2017. Harm Hoorn BSc (42) and Martin Durian MSc (57), both operating since many years within Zonneveld ingenieurs (as managing partner), take over from Frans van der Linde and Jan van der Windt. Harm and Martin have taken over all stock together with investment company Convent Capital.

With the pre-exit of Frans and Jan 2 years ago, Antea participaties became shareholder within Zonneveld ingenieurs and Harm and Martin both took a bigger share in the company. Now the time has come to make a new step in the existence of Zonneveld ingenieurs. The new management has made a clear choice to continue as an independant consultant engineer.

This allows Zonneveld ingenieurs to continue to operate in its characteristic manner: Solving complex structural problems quickly and economically, where the interest of the client is top priority. Besides Harm Hoorn and Martin Durian, the managementteam now consists of Arnold Robbemont and Sander van Eerden. Frans van der Linde will stay on as a consultant.
The drive, passion and expertise of Zonneveld ingenieurs, which is ingrained in the organisation and its employees, will continue to form the base of the operation.