Eartquake engineering

At the beginnng of 2015, Geveke Bouw & Ontwikkeling started building three apartment buildings at the Oosterhamrikkade in Groningen. The original design did not allow for earthquake loads to be absorbed. Therefore both the foundation piles and the body of the building did not meet the requirements as set in the Duch code NPR9998. It was not an option to adjust the structure, which was under construction, to make it earthquake resistant. Zonneveld ingenieurs has subsequently designed and detailed a solution with base isolation. Underneath the three apartment buildings a basement was created, which allowed the foundation piles to be coupled. Afterwards, the piles were cut one at a time, and retrofitted with ‘sliders’.
By placing the entire building on base isolation, the structure meets the latest codes of NPR9998 version December 2015.
At present, another project, ‘De ZAAG’ in Groningen, is fitted with base isolation (in cooperation with Ingenieursbureau Dijkhuis).