Wijnhaven The Hague

The redevelopment of the former ministries of Justice and the Interior started in 2014. The buildings of the two ministries have a surface area of approx. 110.000 m2. They will be redeveloped, after which the buildings at the Turfmarkt and the Schedeldoekshaven will house the Faculty Campus The Hague of the Leyden University and 170 apartments.

The first phase started in the middle of 2014 and entailed the building of the apartments, creating 224 parking spaces, 1.000 m2 commercial area and over  13.000 m2 for the Campus. This phase has been completed in 2016; the apartments have been sold and taken over by new residents and the Campus has been taken over by students.

Redevelopment Wijnhaven The Hague, 3D render