market leader

We are market leader in Safety Engineering for building structures. Our work is focused on resistance against earthquakes, terrorist attacks, fire etcetera.

Our physical impact analyses show how a building reacts to extreme circumstances/events and the consequences for its users. The analyses demonstrate whether a building meets the requirements. To optimise safety, we develop solutions that can subsequently be applied. This all results in a guarantee of the level of desired safety.


In the area of Safety Engineering, we focus on five aspects:

* earth quake (resistance against earth quakes and earth tremors)
* physical impact events
(resistance against explosions)
* inner city increase in density (safety risks by a mix of functions)
* fire safety (prevention and resistance against fire)
* safety engineering (layout for the building site and supervision of construction)


We outline the structural safety of a building and advise how to bring the safety up to standard. The result will be a building that can be checked against safety regulations and meets all the requirements. Our work can be divided in three steps:

  • *risk analyses
  • *numeric analyses
  • *report

We perform quantitative physical impact analyses, based on potential weaknesses that follow from the scenarios that we have discussed with the client. Usually, these analyses indicate issues that may need to be improved in order for the building to meet the essential safety requirements.

The solutions then need to meet specific requirements, for example aesthetics. We have the creativity and the experience to develop and implement these solutions.