Ir. Arnold Robbemont, Member managementteam

“Technique is my life. I enjoy working with 3D technique and am very interested in sustainability. Every new project is a challenge; I am always looking for structural solutions.

The beauty of this job is that something is created from nothing and in the end I am able to actually walk through my own work. Makes me proud of the fantastic result. The process of cooperation satisfies me. Every person has his or her own ‘manual’. I enjoy dealing with that. In my spare time I enjoy cycling. Going up the mountain I keep telling myself: ‘Every cycle is one bit closer to the top and walking is not an option’. In my work I try to apply this as well. The best solution is usually not the first one to be written down, but will be found through teamwork.”

Arnold has managed many different projects: small projects, large projects, new building, residential building and utility.
A few examples are
* de Rotterdam – Rotterdam,
* Wester IJ-dock – Amsterdam,
* Haagsche Zwaan – Den Haag
*band the Flevo hospital – Almere.

A few of Arnold’s projects at Zonneveld are:
* Ministries of Safety and Justice and The Interior and Kingdom affairs (JuBi) – The Hague,
* Hotel Mainport – Rotterdam,
* Sophia Recuperation – The Hague Haag,
* Leidsche Rijn Centrum – Utrecht,
* Schoutenhoek – Zoetermeer,
* Cooltoren – Rotterdam