Ir. Frans van der linde, Managing Director/Owner

“I am an engineer, but most of all an entrepreneur. Running my own business has always been my dream; I want to determine my own course. We work hard and laugh a lot at our office, which is a perfect match. We are considered one of the best engineering companies of the Netherlands and that makes me proud.

The best successes are the result of good cooperation. Within our team, but also with our clients and business partners. I am a people person. Even as arbiter at the Raad van Arbitrage (Council of Arbitration) I try to bring people together. I like to make city trips and visit museums and enjoy spending time with my family and good friends. I enjoy taking long walks in the forest and on the beach and my music taste ranges from rock to classical music.”

Frans van der Linde MSc RO (1958) is managing director/owner of Zonneveld ingenieurs together with Jan van der Windt. He is a registered Professional engineer and graduated from the Delft University of Technology.

Frans is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Register of Engineers and Board member of the Registerautoriteit Betatechniek. He is a member of the Commission of Disputes (KIvI) and arbiter with the Council of Arbitration for the Building sector. Frans also used to be a member of the General Board and several sub-committees of NL-ingenieurs (Branch organisation of Engineering companies)

A few of Frans’s projects are:

* Ministries of Safety and Justice and The Interior and Kingdom affairs (JuBi) – The Hague,
* Maanplein – The Hague, Solaris Eclips –
* Amsterdam, Kennemer Gasthuis –
* Haarlem, Walterboscomplex – Apeldoorn,
* Sugar City – Halfweg, The Coopvaert tower-
* Rotterdam, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) – Amsterdam


* Office building Exact – Delft,
* De Witte Keizer – Rotterdam,
* Leerpark  – Dordrecht,
* Coengebouw – Amsterdam,
* Stadhuis – Vlissingen,
* Theatre De Meervaart – Amsterdam,
* Haagse Arc – Den Haag,
* Centre for Culture, Art and Music – Zoetermeer,
* HES – Rotterdam,
* The Bank – Amsterdam,
* Meer en Oever – Amsterdam