ir. Sander van Eerden, Member management team

“Knowing what you talk about and being able to really listen to each other, those are the ingredients for any succesful cooperation. And that is what I like to do: create an attractive and feasible project with a team. That is why it is also important to really understand what a client of a colleague consultant does. Understanding can lead to very creative solutions.

Sinds my college days, I have developed a great enthousiasm for high-rise buildings. The combination of forces, deformations and dynamics makes these projects a true challenge for any structural engineer. The complexity of a project does not scare me, because there is a solution to every problem. I truely enjoy that! I try to radiate the joy in my work to colleagues and relations because my motto is: a day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Sander van Eerden MSc RO (1965) has joined the Zonneveld team since april 2016 as senior structural engineer. He is a member of the management team and a registered Structural Designer.

Sander graduated from the Civil Engineering faculty at Delft University. From 1992 he worked for Zonneveld ingenieurs for 6 years, where he learned the engineering ‘trade’. After having worked for two fellow structural engineering firms, he has returned to Zonneveld ingenieurs, to use, expand and promote his gained experience. Sander is a member of the High-rise society and represents Zonneveld at the SAB.


Sander has worked on:

  • * De Hoftoren (Ministry of Education) – Den Haag;
  • * Oostpoort – Rotterdam;
  • * Maritiem Simulatorcentrum Rotterdam – Rotterdam
  • * Stadsschouwburg – Haarlem;
  • * Hoofdkantoor Essent – Den Bosch
  • * Carlton-toren en Martinez toren (WTC) – Almere;
  • * De Zuidtoren – Hoofddorp;
  • * Montevideo toren – Rotterdam;
  • * Nieuw Amsterdam – Amsterdam;
  • * Nederlands pavillion for EXPO 2010 – Shanghai, China;
  • * Woningbouwproject De Landtong in Rotterdam;
  • * CJIB – Leeuwarden;
  • * ZLTO – Den Bosch;
  • * Zorgcentrum Careyn – Woerden;
  • * Cultuurhuis De Klinker – Winschoten;
  • * Gemeentehuis met parkeergarage – Hardenberg;
  • * Theater – Lleida, Spanje;
  • * Uitbreiding gemeentehuis – Veenendaal;
  • * Trainingsaccomodatie Vitesse op Papendal – Arnhem;
  • * Kunstwerk De Zandwacht op Maasvlakte II – Rotterdam.